Friday, November 16, 2012

A humble request to smokers

Smoking is the single biggest avoidable risk a person can take in one's entire lifetime. And yet, millions of intelligent people choose to take that risk every single day of their lives.(More here)
Tobacco use was killing 5.4 million people every year, due to lung cancer, heart problems and other diseases and tobacco was the main risk factor for six of the eight leading causes of deaths in the world. The scene was more alarming as 80 per cent of tobacco related deaths would occur in the developing countries in future, according to an estimate. (More here)

I am not begging any one to quit smoking. I just want all smokers to realize how they are creating a dangerous environment to their family, friends. Passive smoking (second hand smoking and third hand smoking) is as dangerous as active smoking. The dangerous particles in secondhand smoke can linger in the air for hours or even longer. Third hand smoke clings to hair, skin, clothes, furniture, drapes, walls, bedding, carpets, dust, vehicles and other surfaces, even long after smoking has stopped. Infants, children and nonsmoking adults may be at risk of tobacco-related health problems when they inhale, ingest or touch substances containing third hand smoke.

Passive smoking poses a potential health hazard to nonsmokers who are exposed to it, especially children. Among the victims, two lakh were children who were exposed to passive smoking. Out of five tobacco related deaths, one was due to passive smoking.  As the number of smokers increased, the healthy population also got affected equally. I sometimes feel that the smokers don’t give a damn about their kids, family. I see a lot of people smoke in the presence of small children and do not seem to understand the risks.

Please don’t cause inconvenience to others, be it your friends, family or public. Please ask if any of them are not comfortable with smoking and avoid smoking in their presence. If any smoker comes across this post, it is my sincere and humble request to him/her to make your home or work place smoke free and protect your family and friends, and never smoke in front of any kid. Please understand that everyone has the right to breathe fresh air.

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