Friday, October 30, 2009

Urgent help needed for SIRIA

SIRIA (Residential School for Orphans) provides residence, education and all basic needs to 100 children (72 girls and 28 boys ) of age group 3 - 14 years.

SIRIA, was initially operating from an Old premises at Nagole, Hyderabad. SIRIA had it's own uncompleted new premise at Vanastalipuram. SIRIA is now completely drowned with water due to the recent heavy rainfall in September and October in Hyderabad. A lot of damage occurred to building and other assets, and children were forced to move to new premises at Vanasthalipuram which was just in its  initial phase of construction.

Akhilesh Hari a Wiproite from Chennai, along with a few of his friends who formed a group BHRATA helped SIRIA to construct compound wall, bathrooms and toilet by raising an amount of 40000 Rs/- by looping in several of their friends. But some rooms ( 4 rooms , 1 dining hall , 1 Kitchen ) are yet to be completed. Children do not have rooms to sleep, situation is really difficult and would go worse as winter is approaching.

Half the work is completed, but to complete the other half work demands a big amount (around 1 lakh). So to complete the remaining work we need the help of several people to contribute to the good cause. The situation of SIRIA is  really difficult and will get worse as winter is fast approaching.

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  1. i saw a mentally disabled person on my way to clg.i wanna join him in any hospital/organisation which treats such persons.if u know any such hosp/orgs,pls give me details.