Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lunch at THARA Ashram

We have successfully organized lunch at THARA Ashram, Secunderabad on 20th September 2009.

We thank all the donors for your support. Thanks Avinesh PVS,  GRJ Srinivas,  Kiran S,  Avinash B,  Padmini M, Padmini V,  Ashok and Shekar for your help.  Special thanks to VVM Niranjan for helping us in purchasing the commodities and Satya Krishna for arranging the cook. The cost for the lunch was Rs 4,300.

Here are the photos taken on that day

The next event will be at Sphoorti on 25th October.

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  1. hi to all
    iam from hyderabad working in pharmacetical company. i want to start a NGO for street children.But i dont know where to start and how to start. I want to know fund raising sources, Legal requirements and any other important things for runnning the NGO. If any one know please let me know the things,
    My email ID:
    Mobile : 09296759014

  2. Hi Majahar,

    I suggest you to visit some NGOs and talk to the founders of those NGOs. You will know the info you want.


  3. thanks srinivas. i thought of doing the same thing. Mean while If any NGO is carrying out any activity like arranging lunch, fund raising programmes etc please let me know so that i can also participate and make my friends to participate in the activities.

  4. We are planning to organize lunch at SPHOORTI ( . If you are interested you can join us. I will mail you the details later

  5. hi srinivas
    ya i am interested and i will come. plz let me know the details so that i can plan my things.

  6. hi frnds,i need some information regarding organisations/hospitals which treats mentally disordered.i saw a mentally disordered person on my way to clg.i wanna join him in such orgs/hosp.if anyone know such orgs/hosp pls give me details