Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Vidyopakarna Danam by Humanitarian Aid Foundation

I attended the Vidyopakarna Daanam program organized by Humanitarian Aid Foundation on Saturday, 15th May 2010. Mr P.Mohan Ram, Mr Satyanarayana and Mr Govardhan Rao, the founders of HAF, distributed note-books and some money to 12 orphanages pratronized by HAF. HAF is currently patronizing 21 orphanages, 6 old age homes, 3 blind care organizations, 4 care homes for mentally challenged, 2 HIV/AIDS affected children homes and a lepers colony. It was a very nice experience to attend and meet some nice people like Mr P. Mohan Ram over there.

Two guys from Commvalut contacted me before through this blog, had shown interest in helping others and wanted to join us in our future plans. I asked them if they are interested to attend this program. They attended this program and donated a few notebooks and Rs. 1500/- to HAF. I donated a part(Rs.5000/-) of the amount we collected for organizing lunch at orphanages. As we are unable to find time these days to go and organize lunch, we thought it would be a better choice to donate the money directly to some orphanage. So, we donated Rs.5000/- to HAF which in turn will be given to orphanages patronized by HAF. Mr Mohan Ram mentioned this blog as he found some of the orphanages, HAF is patronizing, through this blog. I'm very happy that it helped some orphanages get some donations because of this blog.

Photos of the event can be seen here.

-"Pakshulaki konchem dhanyam, pasuvulaki konchem ghraasam, manishiki konchem saayam- ade jeevitam"

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