Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Memorable Day

Finally the time had come for us to complete a part of the task which we had been planning for the last 2 weeks. We made a visit to the NGO's in Dilsukhnagar last Saturday. We considered it not as a duty or job but as a responsibility, filled with exuberance to meet the needy people. The reason is to know why they don't have what we have, to understand their life style which is far from ours and to give them what we can.

We started in the afternoon at about 1 pm after having an early lunch. We reached Dilsukhnagar around 3 pm and met our friend Vinay who gave us the location of the NGOs we wanted to visit.

We visited  "Amma Foundation" first. It took us about an hour to find the exact location of the NGO after several conversations with its founder, over phone, as the address was not clear. We went to their office which was alloted to them recently. They are allowed to use it only for office work and as a reading room. We met some students who came there from their "Amma Foundation" building, to prepare for the exams. A few of them were taking an afternoon nap. Two of them are blind and one of them is handicapped. We spoke to the handicapped person for some time and then went to their main foundation.  We met about 5 children, and they said the others went out for playing. The founder of the organization Mr. N Anil Kumar had arrived after 10 mins. We asked him about the organization.

He explained the motivation behind starting this organization. He said that he found a student who was sitting outside a college who was very depressed for not being able to write the exam. The reason was the lack of money for paying the exam fee. The fee was only Rs 190. When Mr Anil asked the lecturers of the college why can't each of them donate Rs 10 and help the boy write the exams, the lecturers replied that they had already given him free seat and that they did not want to pay the exam fee also.

Then Mr. Anil Kumar realized the difficulties faced by the poor children and wanted to help them. He founded the organization with this motive in 2005. It was started with 16 children initially and now it has 36 who are all orphans or semi orphans. We gathered their requirements and as we had to visit other NGOs, we decided to leave. It would be such a great opportunity to help an organization like this that takes up the responsibility of orphan children. For more details about this NGO, visit Amma Foundation.

Next we visited Ananda Marga School and Ashram after about 30 minutes walk. There we found some children of that ashram playing cricket. They said the principal was not present. We waited for about 15 mins and then we met a volunteer for that organization. He gave us a lot of information about the organization. It was an old organization which was founded in 1968. Now it is well established in around 180 countries. He gave us information about all the activities carried out by the organization. The organization runs on spirituality. The daily routine of the children starts at 5am. The main motive of the organization is to provide education to the poor at a very cheap cost.

Then we went back to Amma Foundation to take some pamphlets of that NGO. Then we asked Anil about Goldage Hospital and oldage home which was the next in our list to visit. He said that it is a big organization where the NRIs usually leave their parents with high ransom. He said they generates a big amount of revenue.  We wanted to confirm what we heard. It was already 7 pm by then. We went to the oldage home which was nearby where the person told us we were late and that the office staff had already left. He gave us a pamphlet and asked us to come before 6 pm. The buildings of that hospital and the Ashram are very luxurious.

We then left for the college.

A wonderful day it was...

Finally all I want to say is be humane to do something good which makes you feel good. Spend some time with the kids, whenever you can. It makes them so happy and in turn it gives you a great feeling. That happiness and feelings are not something which can be bought with money. It is a pleasure which can only be felt and experienced.




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  1. Very nice post your work is commendable.! I spent Diwali at Sphoorti but did not follow it up with another visit. I guess i need more commitment and you are my motivation. Keep blogging

  2. this is my no 9492026102

  3. hai i am a student iam intrested to educate the poor children mail me if any chance

  4. Hii anna i want to accompany you in one of your visits to the NGO's for kids and also let me know if you need some physical help while providing lunch to orphan children.

  5. Hi anil,

    thanks for ur interest. I will surely let u know.