Monday, February 16, 2009

A Visit to Sphoorti

Our visit to Sphoorti is one of the happiest days in my life...

We went to Sphoorti around 3pm...
Most of the kids were meditating when we reached there...We got a warm welcome from other kids...

There was a guy who was teaching them the meditation...After the meditation, the kids played some children games which involved a good message...and the guy who was teaching them explained the kids what good was there in those games and how to behave in life etc....

We bought some chocolates for the kids.Some people from CVSR college of Engineering also brought them some chocolates and biscuits...There was a girl called was her birthday..We celebrated her b'day by distributing the chocolates to all the children....After the distribution of the chocolates and biscuits, the kids went to play...some kids played cricket...some caroms...some Ko-Ko ...etc..We wanted to play cricket with them...but it was very late and so we withdraw that thought...may be we will do it next time when we go there...

The kids are good at everything from studies to games,respecting elders etc..When we asked them how they feel at Sphoorti, all the kids said that they feel much happier at Sphoorti than at home...

The kids don't need just money...They need people who love them...who cares for them...who can give them some moral support..It's not the money only that we can donate...We can go and spend some time with them...

I can understand that we all are so busy with what we are now and we hardly have time to think about something like this, but at least we can encourage someone doing it..

We talked to Srivyal, Founder of Sphoorti, about the facilities there...They were going to start a new building and planning to start a school when they have considerable number of kids..

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Sphoorti and I can guarantee you that you will forget all your worries when u go and spend some time with those kids at Sphoorti...

You can have a look at the photos we took on that day...

Also read this interview(by someone) with Srivyal.

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  1. Its a good one.. Hope I will also join with you people in the next visit... Looking at all the faces in the photos, my heart feels the peace and happiness.. Do inform me for the next visit.. :)

  2. thanx for your interest ...We will surely inform you...

  3. ఫోటోలు బావున్నాయ్! నిజమే.. అలా అంతమంది పిల్లలతో గడపడం.. సందడిలో ప్రశాంతతలా; హంగూ, ఆర్భాటం లేని అందంలా బావుంటుంది.

  4. well said gopal...

  5. it must be a wonderful feel !! , dude next i am coming too :P

  6. nice travolugue..good to read...

  7. good place for peace and joy.......

    can we join for ip in u r org.

  8. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I, Rajan Kumar want to know the list of such organization which are working well in the field of Disability Rehabilitation. There are so many NGO's but it is difficult to approach those organization who are leading in this service sectors.

  9. hello sir,
    iam a btech graduate,i want to involve in such activities atleast at can you kindly suggest me the list of ngo's that work in the city and nearby my house.i stay in mehdipatnam of now iam telling tuitions for government children in govt boys hostel,this is my daily planning for a weekend schedule kindly let me know how can i help these children in what i have.
    thank you,

  10. Hello Mr.Srinivas I am sharrada from hyderabad working as a govt employee. Now a days i am finding much free time for myself. i want to utilise that precious time for some one who is in need of service. First of all I love children and I have great respect in elderly people. I wanted to do something for them. pl suggest what can i do.

  11. Hello Sharada garu,

    Thank you for your interest. I suggest you to go to any orphanage/old-age home near your place, spend some time with the people over there. Once you start visiting those ngos you will know what their requirements are.


  12. Hi Srinivas,

    first of all HAPPY NEW YEAR

    I read all the articles and i saw the pictures spending time with the children is so touchy moment and happiest moment ever.I always wanted to spend time with the childrens but the situation kept me tight making me not to take any step.Now am more confident to handle it. i kindly request you to please send methe details of the childrens home so that i can spare more time with them.


  13. Hello, i heard about it through net. i too want to be part of ur, that i can help and also render some time from my daily life to the needy. so, plz send the required details.

  14. Thank you for your interest. I suggest you to go to any orphanage/old-age home near your place, spend some time with the people over there. Once you start visiting those ngos you will know what their requirements are.

  15. Nice blog..! I really loved reading through this article. Thanks for sharing such a amazing post with us and keep blogging.
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